5 ways Madefor Members have inspired us to be better

5 ways Madefor Members have inspired us to be better | Madefor

What. A. Year. 


So much squeezed into 365 days, that seemed to both fly by and drag on for decades. 


It was Madefor’s first “official” year; we launched to the public right as the world around us was suddenly coming to a halt. The timing was not ideal, and like everyone else, we were forced to figure out how to carry on in business, and in life. But, in retrospect, without the challenges of this year, we might not be where we are today - the Madefor we are today. We set out to help others reach their full potential, to be the best versions of themselves, and to help them thrive in any environment. Little did we know that while we were striving to show up for our Members as best we could, they showed up even more so, first for themselves, and then so they could be more present for their loved ones. And without knowing it, they showed up for us. They kept us from giving up, and, more importantly, they motivated us to be better versions of ourselves, to give them a better version of Madefor.

Together, Madefor and our Members have grown in more ways than one over the past year. Our Members, like all the everyday heroes who stepped up to keep the world turning during an international pandemic, showed us what courage truly looks like.

Here are 5 ways our Members have inspired us over the past year.

  1. They’ve been RESILIENT.

Peter M. says, “Since Madefor started, I approach the challenges of life by keeping my baseline Madefor skills at the top of mind while carrying out the mission of life. I started Madefor with a badly healing broken leg and a disc injury. Madefor got me walking, through back surgery, and back to an awesome summer of surfing.”

2. They’ve found HEALING.

Johnathan H. says, “My BIGGEST breakthrough is that I’ve given myself permission to heal the aspects of me that formed my identity through my stuff.” He specifies that he kept culinary tools in his kitchen, though he was no longer working as a chef, and hadn’t realized how that was impacting his well-being. “This challenge helped me see the internalized shame/guilt I was holding deep within myself. By donating the items to a soup kitchen I freed myself of some deep level of misinformed identity. By not working as a chef doesn’t take away from all my 1000s of hours I did work and my formal culinary education. Just because I’m not working as a chef doesn’t mean I am not a chef. This is hugely transformative for me. Madefor is the gift that keeps on giving.”

3. They’ve shown GRATITUDE.

Courtney S. says, “Today I’m grateful for this program. Like everyone else these days, I feel like things are out of whack. Routines have been shifted, work/life balance is difficult to maintain, and I’m missing friends and family who live halfway across the country. I was feeling overwhelmingly discouraged. One line from our booklet this month really stuck with me: ‘You possess an unlimited capacity to feel and express gratitude.’ So many times we focus on things that leave us feeling like we don’t have enough - time, money, things. It feels really good to think about gratitude as this unlimited well I can go back to over and over again. In this time of uncertainty I’m grateful for this program forcing me to take the time to focus on gratitude and the gift of learning that I can reframe events and circumstances.

4. They’ve shared JOY.

Brie O. says, “This was a really pivotal challenge for me! It helped bring the rest of the work together and helped me realize how important connecting to my body and movement are to my overall well-being. One of my great joys is dancing with my kids to all sorts of music. They dance without inhibition and it helps me do the same.”

5. They’ve learned to love themselves better and have found HOPE.

Norma M. says she’s had so many “AHA” moments while going through the Madefor program. “I realize that I’ve been approaching eating completely wrong my entire life. No wonder I’m overweight. Now I have hope,” she says. “Eating should be a pleasure, not a fight.” Another big “AHA'' moment for her? “My body loves me and wants to take care of me; therefore, I should love my body right now, however it looks, and listen to it. That thought almost brings tears.”

We don’t always know what journeys those around us are going through. In fact, we wouldn't have heard/seen as many of these stories if not for our intimate and supportive Community where Members share their wins, their challenges, and stories with one another. These stories show they had the courage to take the small daily steps with Madefor, and they also had the courage to share all they’ve overcome with others. 

How were you courageous this past year, that others may not have even realized, and what will you carry forward into this year from that journey? 

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