Campfire Stories - registering wins with our Madefor Community

Campfire Stories - registering wins with our Madefor Community | Madefor

Register your wins. While always important, we’ve decided to really lean into this theme throughout the month. Whether you are journaling a daily highlight before bed, texting a friend that you finally finished that project, or silently fist pumping a correct test answer, registering even small wins can have a big impact on your mental health.  

One win that we love to celebrate here at Madefor is when we notice our Members registering their wins. As we mentioned last month, our Members are incredibly active in sharing their journeys in our online community.  They are posting photos, sharing stories, and offering encouragement to each other as they go through their Madefor experiences.  

But our community space is not the only place where our Members get together to share ideas and glean wisdom from each other. Every month our CEO Pat Dossett hosts what we call Campfires, an open zoom call to Members in each of the different Monthly Challenges.  Usually Pat will kick off the call with a few thoughts, but most of the time is spent with Members swapping stories, offering advice, and most certainly celebrating wins. You know that feeling you get when you’re sitting around a campfire with a small group of friends, relaxing and talking, letting your guard down and the conversations flow? A Madefor Campfire is like that; the great benefits of camaraderie between Madefor Classmates and the Madefor Team without the wind blowing smoke in your direction (s’mores always optional). 


Every month we look forward to these Campfires so much, because we know that everybody experiences Madefor in a different and personal way, and the registered wins come in so many shapes and sizes.


For example, Member Chris recently shared how he reexamined his relationship with food during the Fuel Challenge and discovered new things about himself, even though he was already incredibly knowledgeable about food and nutrition. 




We also really loved the way that Valerie talked about how she had a big win in the Movement Challenge, getting outside, even when she didn’t really want to at the start of the Challenge.




And Jennifer shared a really interesting take on how she’s discovered how to take a step back and figure out how to prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically to do the little things that enable us to tap into "5th gear" on a regular basis, which we weren’t expecting but are so grateful to have been a part of.




Registering wins is such a vital part of our mental health because it gives us that little boost of confidence and offers even the smallest reminder that we are on the right track. And wins stack up.  One small win can lead to another and then a bigger win and bigger win. Eventually you look back on something that you could never do and realize, wow, every step led me here. So the next time you notice that small win, make sure to pause, smile, and pat yourself on the back (or fist pump to yourself, or dance in the living room, or jot a note in your journal) because it just might lead to something big.