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February Happenings | Madefor

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A Thought From Our Co-Founder Pat…

I recently came across an article about a weight loss app, and it made me reflect on why we do things the way we do.


I understand why a company might focus on weight loss. It’s easier to market and easier to build a business, playing to people’s fears and their deepest insecurities. But, what’s good for business isn’t always what’s good for the consumer.


I’ll never forget one of the first calls we had with a Member, “I have to hand it to you, it takes a lot of balls to charge someone money and then start by telling them to drink water, but it works. Thank you.” 


It works” and “it sells” aren’t always the same thing. It’s why companies sell shortcuts, sell hype, sell the idea that their way is the only way. The biggest offense isn’t even that they are wasting people’s time and money, it’s that they are robbing people of their belief in themselves when things don’t go as planned. 


Madefor provides a holistic approach to wellness, helping Members feel good while doing things that are good for them. Along the way, one discovers that there isn’t one way to live better, but that there is a better way to live. It doesn’t come from counting calories, it comes from the recognition that self-worth is found within—that you can simply count on yourself.





Stay Committed with the Basecamp Podcast

 Hosted by Madefor Co-Founder and former Navy SEAL, Pat Dossett, Basecamp is a series of live conversations with scientists, psychologists, peak performers, and other experts where we distill the science of wellness and human potential into actionable steps so that you can live your best life. 


Don’t Miss:

  • Non-Deep Sleep Rest in Episode 4 with Dr. Andrew Huberman Rory Cordial for instant calm, day or night. 
  • Episode 3 with Dr. Andrew Huberman on how to Make Way for The New and Create Lasting Change.


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Get it Done: An Informative Hour about Motivation 

 Our Co-Founder, Pat, spent an informative hour with Ayelet Fishbach, Ph.D., author, professor, and expert on motivation and decision making. Dr. Ayelet talked about her groundbreaking research on motivation and ways we can stay motivated from the start of a goal to its completion. 


Dr. Fishbach’s #1 Tip for Staying Motivated:

“Give advice to another person who’s struggling with the same issue as you. You’ll feel motivated by your own advice.”


Read the full recap to learn more ways you can stay motivated from the start of a goal to its completion. 


Discover the Right Side of Wrong—the sweet science of forgiveness

Mark your calendar for this January Live Basecamp Conversation on February 24th at 4 pm PT with Dr. Everett Worthington, the world’s leading expert on forgiveness.


Join the live Zoom conversation as Madefor Co-Founder, Pat, and Dr. Worthington discuss:

  • His research and the benefits of forgiveness.
  • Actionable steps to practicing forgiveness with yourself and others.


Learn more about Dr. Everett Worthington and RSVP here!


🍭 For Your Consideration: A Few Extra Treats for Your Brain This Month

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