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June Happenings | Madefor

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We are back with another Monthly Madefor Happenings newsletter, your source for last month's wrap-up, and not-to-miss happenings coming up in June.


💭 A Thought From Our Co-Founder Pat...

How confident are you in your ability to progress towards your goals?

This might be the simplest definition of mental health, but it’s also my favorite.

We all get knocked off course from time to time, and our confidence can suffer as a result. But, if you do the work to put a strong foundation in place (see Andrew Huberman’s Basecamp this month), you’ll not only retain your confidence, you'll also elevate your ability to navigate whatever life throws your way.

It’s never too late to start working on that foundation. As Andrew says, “don’t wait for a crisis—the best time to develop a response is before you need it.”





🎙 Stay Committed with the Basecamp Podcast

Basecamp is a series of live conversations with scientists, psychologists, peak performers, and other experts where we distill the science of wellness and human potential into actionable steps so that you can live your best life.

Don’t Miss:

  • Episode 8: Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D: The Joy of Movement and How to Use Movement as Medicine
  • Episode 9: Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman: Self-Actualization and Getting On The Path To Transcendence
  • Episode 10: Pat Dossett: Navy SEAL Hell Week and The Importance of Finding Humor In Challenging Situations.

COMING SOON: Dr. Andrew Huberman: Tools for Mental Health and Resilience


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💙 Madefor's Mental Health Challenge

May was Mental Health Awareness Month, and we offered a 28-day “Back-to-Basics" Text Challenge which focused on four pillars of wellbeing from our program: hydration, movement, nature and breath

Check out our blog to learn more about the relationship between mental and physical health, how mental health affects us all, and four tips for taking care of your mental health.

⚡️ BONUS: Try the 28-day challenge for yourself!


🔧 Dr. Andrew Huberman: Tools for Mental Health and Resilience

May Basecamp Conversation Recap

Madefor Co-Founder and former Navy SEAL, Pat Dossett, sat down with neuroscientist and Madefor’s Lead Advisor, Dr. Andrew Huberman to discuss eight daily practices that are crucial to mental health and how they pertain to your life’s purpose.

“Mental health takes work. That work does not take that much time, but it does take regularity.” -Dr. Huberman


Access the recording HERE.


💪  From Grit to Growth: Scientific Insights for a Thriving Life

Mark your calendar for this month’s Live Basecamp Conversation on Thursday, June 23rd from 9:30-10:30am PT with world renowned research psychologist, professor, and best-selling author, Angela Duckworth.


We'll be discussing her research and the scientific insights that help us thrive.


RSVP here.


🍭 For Your Consideration: A Few Extra Treats for Your Brain This Month

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