March Happenings

March Happenings | Madefor


We are back with another Monthly Madefor Happenings email, your source for last month's wrap-up, and not-to-miss happenings coming up in March.


💭 A Thought From Our Co-Founder Pat…

The 2022 Paralympics are happening March 4-13th—I hope you’re able to watch, even if just for a few minutes, and reflect on something Dan Cnossen shared with us a couple of weeks ago.

“I’ve spent more time not winning than I ever have winning… being in the non-winning space makes you a better person.”
~Dan Cnossen, Paralympic Skier, Former Navy SEAL, Madefor Advisor

Truth is, we all spend more time not winning than we do winning. So, the next time you fall short, fall back or fail to win, try adopting this Olympian’s mindset to see how non-winning is actually the gift of better.


🎤 Stay Committed with the Basecamp Podcast

Hosted by Madefor Co-Founder and former Navy SEAL, Pat Dossett, Basecamp is a series of live conversations with scientists, psychologists, peak performers, and other experts where we distill the science of wellness and human potential into actionable steps so that you can live your best life.

New Episodes: 

  • Learn from Dr. Ayelet Fishbach about the surprising science of motivation and decision-making, and how to stay motivated from the start of the goal to its completion.
  • Try our Non-Deep Sleep Rest tool with Rory Cordial and Dr. Andrew Huberman for instant calm, day or night. Use NSDR to enhance learning and memory, alleviate stress, improve cognitive capacity, and ease the transition.

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🏅 Get a Peek Into The Olympian Mindset

We’ve been discussing all things Olympics and the Olympian Mindset in February. On February 15th, Pat and Dr. Huberman went IG Live with Paralympic Gold Medalist, former Navy SEAL, and Madefor Advisor, Dan Cnossen, to take a peek at Dan’s Olympian Mindset as he prepares for the Paralympic Games starting in March.

Read the IG Live Recap here.


🤝 February’s Basecamp Conversation Recap

The Right Side of Wrong: The Sweet Science of Forgiveness

Our Co-Founder, Pat, spent an informative hour with Dr. Everett Worthington, the world’s leading expert on forgiveness. Dr. Worthington talked about his research, the benefits of forgiveness, and ways to practice forgiving ourselves and others.

Dr. Worthington on the cost of unforgiveness:

“It feels like a safe place to be behind that shield of unforgiveness, and that shield is really heavy to carry every day. It’s safe for the moment, but it will take a big toll overall.”


Read the recap on our blog or watch the conversation on our Youtube Channel. The episode will be live on our Podcast March 8th!


↪️ The Power of Regret: How Looking Backwards Moves Us Forward

Mark your calendar for this month’s Live Basecamp Conversation on March 24th at 4 pm PT with Daniel Pink, five-time New York Times best-selling author.

Join the live Zoom conversation as Madefor Co-Founder, Pat, and Daniel discuss the research and findings behind his latest book, The Power of Regret.

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🍭 For Your Consideration: A Few Extra Treats for Your Brain This Month

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Four Actions to Improve Mental Wellness - read here.

Why a ‘No Regrets’ Philosophy Won’t Get You Anywhere: A Time Magazine Q&A with Daniel Pink.