October Happenings

October Happenings | Madefor

Welcome to the Monthly Madefor Happenings newsletter, your source for last month’s low-down and not-to-miss happenings coming up in October.


💭 A Thought From Our Co-Founder Pat

I recently watched Crip Camp—the story of how a group of teens with disabilities bonded and ultimately championed the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. It’s a powerful reminder of how open and honest communication within a community can inspire and empower action to promote lasting positive change.


In that same vein, I’m eager to see what comes from our growing Madefor Community. We are grateful to have you here.


💬 Get Mentally Moving With This Month's Text Challenge

Join Today! The challenge starts October 10th.


Starting this October, we’re hosting a free text challenge every month to get you into action. You will be sent 1 simple, science-backed action step to do each day that will make you feel more present and less stressed.


October’s 10-day text challenge for World Mental Health Day begins on the day itself, October 10th. We'll be delivering daily texts with action steps to help you focus on your mental health.


The overall goal for World Mental Health Day is to raise awareness about the importance of tending to one’s mental health and of providing accessible ways to do so to support all people. You can learn more about WMHD on WHO's website. 

Text HEALTHDAY to 310-347-4586 to opt into this month’s text challenge.


🎤 Learn How to Get a “Rush From Life” From Basecamp Guest Blessing Offer of The Voice

"It's finding that thing that makes your brain click and feel that rush of dopamine or life or what have you. The process is the destination and vice versa." ~ Blessing Offor 

Madefor Co Founder, Pat, and Madefor Lead Advisor & Neuroscientist, Dr. Huberman spoke with Blessing Offor, a visually impaired singer-songwriter from Nigeria, best known for being a contestant on NBC's The Voice. Blessing shared his story and unique perspective on defining yourself and pursuing one’s passion by focusing on the journey, not the destination.

Some highlights from this powerful conversation included:

  • Debunking misconceptions and assumptions about disability. Many people assume Blessing must think his blindness is tragic, but he does not define himself by his blindness. To Blessing, the tragedy would be if he couldn’t pursue music.
  • Defining yourself and your life on your own terms. We all have the power to choose what defines us. We can use what is important to us to define us. For Blessing, it's his music.
  • Pursuing your passions. There are many ways to pursue your passion and it may evolve over different points in your life. Find what you love, and do it a lot.

A summary doesn’t do this conversation justice, so we highly recommend watching the recording to learn more about Blessing’s perspective.


🧬 Understand the Science of Emotions

Mark your calendar for this October's Live Monthly Conversation!

Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett will be joining Madefor Co-Founder Pat on October 28th at 3pm PT for our live monthly conversation.


Join our Basecamp for a conversation with one of the world’s leading experts on emotion, Lisa Feldman Barrett. She will discuss her groundbreaking research on the formation and regulation of our emotional states and the role we play in bringing out the best in one another.


Dr. Barrett is among the top 1% most cited scientists in the world for her revolutionary research in psychology and neuroscience. In addition to being a Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Northeastern University, and holding appointments at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. She has also written two books, Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain and How Emotions are Made and has over 6 million views of her TED Talk "You aren’t at the mercy of your emotions."


We hope to see you there!


🧠 For Your Consideration: A Few Extra Treats For Your Brain This Month

Armchair Expert––Dr. Andrew Huberman joins Dax and Monica on the Armchair Expert Podcast to talk about how testosterone treatment affects the development of the brain and body to what it means to what it means to have dad bod to how sunlight can affect peoples’ drives to be attracted to each other (and innumerable other things). Listen to it here.
The Awakened Brain––Pat is reading a fascinating book by Lisa Miller, Ph.D. called The Awakened Brain: The New Science of Spirituality and Our Quest for An Inspired Life which is all about the neuroscience of spirituality and how it can improve health and lead to a more inspired life. Learn more about it here.