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Want to inspire people to become the best version of themselves?

At Madefor, our mission is to help people bring their best to the world. By giving people the essential science, tools, steps and support over 10 months, we help them make gradual but lasting positive shifts in their behaviors and mindset. A more grateful, thriving, present and connected person in the world makes a better world for all.

We’re building a Community of people who want to get into the habit of change, together.


As a Madefor Connector, you’ll not only inspire others to take part in the Madefor program alongside you, but you will also earn cash commissions, get unique promo codes to share with your personal communities, and gain access to Madefor’s growing Community of Members and Advisors. 

We’d love to have you if you are...

  • A Madefor Graduate who has gone through our program
  • A purposeful human who wants to help others thrive
  • A community leader who uses their platform and influence for good

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    If you’re new to Madefor, you will receive the Program along with your unique link and code to share with your community.
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    Spread the word! Share your journey via your social media channels. We will help get you started.
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There’s more to it than what meets the eye.

  • EARN

    Spread the word and earn! Get cash commissions every time you get someone to start their own Madefor journey.


    You will receive a Program and personal dashboard along with your own unique link and code to share with others.


    Get access to a private online Community as well as to the team and advisors behind Madefor.


    There’ll be chances to win Madefor goodies and prizes the more people you bring on board.


When you join the Madefor Connectors, you continue your learning after graduation and cement the changes you have already experienced by bringing others on board and helping guide them throughout their journey.

Our Alumni asked for more ways to stay involved - we listened!

  • Jay P.

    Madefor Graduate

    Having completed my 1st year of Madefor, I can absolutely say it was eye opening and game changing. End result — you feel pretty great about yourself and you seek to improve your life and the lives of others, one step at a time.

  • Andrea T.

    Madefor Graduate

    I wish there were another 10 months after the first 10 months. I have found this so rewarding that I really wish we could continue on.

  • Michelle H.

    Madefor Graduate

    I am so very grateful to have been in the right place and at the right time to grab hold of this opportunity and ride it all the way to the end... an end that is only the beginning of the next adventure.