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All your questions about the Madefor Program answered

  • Enrollment is closed for the year! We’re currently focused on serving our global Membership. Please enter your email below to be the first to know when enrollment begins again.

  • Madefor is meant to be completed as a full program with 10 Challenges, and the Challenges are not available for individual purchase. We have stacked the focuses in the Madefor Program very intentionally to deliver small wins upfront, and each Challenge builds on the one before.
  • Yes, Madefor is a great program to go through alongside others—not only for accountability, but also for celebrating wins and breakthroughs along the way. If you’re interested in bringing the Madefor experience to your company or larger group, email us at support@getmadefor.com.

  • Your Gift Card is applicable to the Madefor Program as well as our Madefor Store.

    If our enrollment window is closed, please reach out to support@getmadefor.com for next steps.

  • Since Madefor is a program of progress over perfection, and due to the duration of the program, we know that Members will go through highs and lows. We have an abundance of resources available to our Members who are falling behind and will recommend Members leaning into these resources before they decide to cancel.

    We don't make quitting easy! With that being said, we will work with you to make things right, so please reach out to us at support@getmadefor.com.

  • Absolutely! We offer a special discount for all healthcare workers, first responders, and teachers.

    In addition, all U.S. military veterans, active service members, or dependents can access Madefor for free!

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