• About Madefor and the Program

  • Each Madefor Semester will come with 5 Kits. Your Kit will contain a curated, scientific overview of the research behind the practice, along with a physical, thoughtfully crafted tool, and a series of Challenges designed to help you benefit from the new practice in just 21 days. Each Kit will be worked through individually each month as the program was designed.

  • Our Madefor Classes run on an enrollment calendar of one month from the 21st - 20th. If you sign up after the 20th in a given month, you will be notified and slotted into the following month’s Class. You will also receive a confirmation email immediately post-purchase, confirming your Class start date and arrival date of your first Kit. Each class starts on the 1st of the month, but you may receive your first semester of Kits a couple days before the 1st. We recommend starting the program on the 1st of the month or soon thereafter.

  • Yes, Madefor is a great program to go through alongside others—not only for accountability, but also for celebrating wins and breakthroughs along the way. The Semester 1 + 2 Group option is a great way to save money and increase accountability by doing the program with a partner. If you’re interested in bringing the Madefor experience to your company, check out our Madefor Teams page: https://getmadefor.com/pages/corporate.

  • No. Currently, we only ship within the US which includes P.O. Boxes. While we do not ship internationally at this time, we are hoping to in the near future.

  • We do not offer returns or cancellations and highly recommend sticking with Madefor for the full semester(s) as real change takes time. That said, if you’re having an issue please reach out to us at support@getmadefor.com and we’ll work to make things right.

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