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Mastering your Emotions
Free 7-day Text Challenge | Starts November 8th

Learn how to manage your emotions this holiday season.
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What it’s

The holiday season can be a time of high emotional demand that can leave even the jolliest of us feeling exhausted. Why is that and is there a way to manage these emotions more effectively?

For our November Text Challenge, we are partnering with one of the world's leading experts on emotion, Lisa Feldman Barrett.

What to

Before the festivities begin, join us for a 7-day Text Challenge where you will get delivered 1 simple, science-backed action step to do each day that will help you learn the science and tools to optimize any situation for emotional health - even that dreaded dinner with you in-laws. Walk away from the holidays feeling connected, energized, and refreshed!

Madefor’s Text Challenges have proven to be the perfect way to kick start one’s path to a healthier, happier version of themselves. Research-backed prompts that get people offline and into action.

What People
are Saying

  • Each day [with Madefor] brings me greater peace with myself and those around me, as well as a greater appreciation for all that I have. I cannot begin to tell you how much I took all of those things for granted before Madefor.”

    -Lisa A., Madefor Member

  • What's been most impactful for me [doing Madefor] is slowing down and focusing on just ONE thing. It's helping me to ease the pressure off myself and be more patient. The result has been an ever-decreasing amount of stress, for which I am so grateful.”

    -Yvette H., Madefor Member