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Mental Health Awareness Month: Back to Basics Join our Free 28-day Text Challenge. Join our Free 28-day Text Challenge.

Tune into the foundational human needs that support positive mental health with us this month.

We’re offering a FREE, 28-day Text Challenge designed around four foundational elements of mental health: hydration, movement, nature, and breath. Everyday during the month of May, we will send you one small action step, the science behind it, and an occasional reflection prompt. By the end, these consistent steps will help you build positive momentum and feel more in control of your mental wellbeing.

It’s hard to think or feel your way into a better state of mind. Get into action with Madefor and join today! 

***If you or someone you care about are struggling with a mental health condition, know you’re not alone. You matter, and maybe the most courageous thing you can do today is ask for help. Find professional medical care—there is no substitute.