Patrick Dossett, a former Navy SEAL and Co-Founder of Madefor, is offering the Madefor Program to all veterans free of charge.

Hi, I'm Pat, Co-Founder of Madefor.

On my first deployment to Iraq, I lived with Jonas. Anyone that worked with Jonas, at some point, fell victim to one of his practical jokes, and I was no exception.

We usually worked at night and slept during the day. One day, I went to relieve myself in a water bottle that I kept next to my bed—this was common practice so we could stay in our dark trailer and avoid the midday sun. 

For whatever reason, my feet were getting wet, really wet. The more I fumbled in the dark, the wetter everything got. That’s when I heard Jonas, failing to contain his laughter. It seems he thought it would be funny to punch holes in the bottom of my water bottle. I’m still plotting my revenge. :)

I miss all of my time in uniform—the good and the bad, the laughter and even the wet feet.

To any veteran out there that’s struggling with the transition, life, whatever, let me tell you you’re not alone—there are 19 million of us and we’ll always be stronger when we are together, supporting one another. I’m excited to share that Madefor is available free of charge to any U.S. military veteran or active service member.

Thank you for your service and all the ways that you continue to serve the good in each other and the world around you.



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