Why it Works

Madefor uses evidence-based research and proven scientific principles to help you cultivate the habits and mindset needed for lasting positive change.

The science behind the Madefor method

  • Neuroscience


    Neuroscience reveals that consistent and incremental change over time leads to permanent positive shifts in your brain’s chemistry and wiring. We’ve teamed up with leading neuroscientists to design simple but effective month-long challenges that train your brain to be better.

  • Positive Psychology


    Positive psychology identifies how the happiest people live rich, meaningful lives and get the most out of love, work, and play. Our mental health experts helped us build a program rooted in the foundations that make up a healthy, happy life—this is at the core of the Madefor method.

  • Physiology


    Physiology shows us what our bodies need to perform best. We worked with physical therapists, mind-body experts, and nutritionists to identify the smallest, most attainable steps you can take to give your body and brain exactly what they need to thrive.

Madefor is for anyone, any body, at any phase of life.

We’ve boiled it down to a doable method that shifts your behavior over time. By making subtle changes in how you eat, move, rest, think, and operate in the world, you’ll begin to feel better than ever before—a more grateful, connected, thriving you awaits. These are our Madefor principles...

  • 01

    Based on science, not fads

    Madefor proof.

    We curate science that matters.

  • 02

    Grow the good inside you

    Madefor fun.

    We choose to pursue what brings joy.

  • 03

    One task at a time

    Madefor focus.

    We deliver one task at a time, just the way your brain is designed.

  • 04

    Analog over digital

    Madefor results.

    We believe real change occurs off screen.

  • 05

    Incremental change that lasts

    Madefor good.

    We deliver small, easy steps toward lasting change.

  • 06

    Create a better world, together

    Madefor more.

    We believe a better world begins with the best you.

The People Behind the Science

Our method was created with a team of renowned experts, each of whom plays a key role in ensuring that every challenge is built on the strongest scientific foundation. As part of the program, you will not only be exposed to their life’s work, but you will also gain access to them through our Madefor community.

Learn more about the team

Ready to become the best you?

Each month, you’ll receive a different Kit that focuses on building one essential habit. We’ll provide you with a scientific overview of the research behind your new practice, along with a physical tool and a 21-day challenge that primes your brain for success. You will also get access to a private Madefor community to help hold you accountable.

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