Breath - Nature Bundle


This Bundle has all of the physical Tools needed to support you through your Breath, Movement, and Nature Challenges.

  • Breath Timer: used to help you keep time without digital devices. The Timer has various settings of 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, and 30 min with a soothing gong sound when the time is up. The Timer is made of plastic and rubberwood, has an embossed Madefor logo on the middle button, and includes a USB cord for charging.
  • Movement Ball:  Remind yourself to get up, walk, play, and reconnect with the joy of motion with the Madefor Movement Ball. Our 3" inch lacrosse ball is embossed with a "90" on it to serve as a reminder to get up at least every 90 minutes and move your body.
  • Nature Spray:  Bring the forest to you with Madefor's custom-blended Hinoki Spray, using oils from the wood and leaves of hinoki that were sustainably sourced from the Yoshino Mountains in Nara Prefecture, Japan. This 30ml bottle contains 50% purified water and carrier oils and 50% essential oils - the recommended blend has proven to lower stress and raise health baselines.

This Bundle comes with 1 of each of the items listed above.


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