Gratitude - Connection Bundle

This Bundle has all of the physical Tools needed to support you through your Gratitude, Fuel, and Connection Challenges.
  • Gratitude Envelope: an all-in-one Gratitude package that includes 3 pre-stamped illustrated postcards, stationery, and a small envelope to share your gratitude with the ones you care about
  • Fuel Phone Pouch: made of quilted nylon ripstop. Large enough to hold an iPhone 12 Pro Max and your Madefor Food Log. Avoid distractions by keeping your phone in the Phone Pouch.
  • Fuel Food Log: marks Days 1-21 with spaces to journal about time, food, eating window, thoughts, and feelings. This Fuel Food Log will help you bring awareness to the foods you eat and honor what works for your body.
  • Connection Deck: We might be biased, but Madefor's Connection Deck is the best one out there, designed to bring people together for deeper dialogue and bonding. The Box holds 50 Connection cards.

This Bundle comes with 1 of each of the items listed above.


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