• Gratitude Kit - Madefor

Gratitude Kit

The fully equipped Challenge Kit contains everything you need to be successful in the month's Challenge. It includes:
  • Madefor Guidebook: the curated and relevant science behind your monthly focus. Each month's Guidebook provides you with the science and the stories to inspire you to take small steps towards the best you.
  • Madefor Challenge Card: designed to help reward effort and track progress, as you cross off steps each day. Numerous studies show that even the smallest of visual cues can help nudge us to stay engaged and build positive momentum towards our goals.
  • Madefor Bracelet: serves as a reminder of your practice and your Intention. Every bracelet is made with real silver and Mokuba Japanese cord.
  • Madefor Tool: a physical, thoughtfully crafted tool. This tool is your companion for the monthly focus and will help you complete the Challenges as they are laid out. Some Challenge Kits come with more than one Madefor Tool.

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