• Vision Tools Bundle - Madefor
  • Vision Tools Bundle - Madefor

Vision Tools Bundle

The Vision Tools Bundle will help keep you accountable. Keep them in an area where you see it every day as a gentle reminder to live out your Vision Statement. It includes:
  • Madefor Vision Cards: where you write out (and re-write) your life's Vision Statement. Display them on your Vision Holder or put it somewhere you can see it to remind you where you are going.
  • Madefor Vision Holder: a custom-made concrete tray that perfectly holds your Vision Cards. It's made from proprietary white concrete that is impervious to water and oil and uses less water in the manufacturing process.
  • Madefor Vision Stone: the cement weight to use to hold your Vision Card on top of your Vision Holder. The stone includes a groove on top to beautifully display your Vision Card.

This bundle comes with 1 Vision Stone, 1 Stone Holder, and 1 set of Vision Cards. 


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