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Hosted by Madefor Co-Founder and former Navy SEAL, Pat Dossett, Basecamp is a series of live conversations with scientists, psychologists, peak performers, and other experts where we distill the science of wellness and human potential into actionable steps so that you can live your best life.


In addition to Basecamps, enjoy some of our special episodes such as campfire stories where Pat shares brief stories and insights from his life experiences, and campfire tools featuring science-backed practices proven to decrease stress and help you reset. Check out just a few of our favorite episodes so far.


Dr. Ayelet Fishbach: The Science of Motivation and How to Finally Get It Done

In this Basecamp, Madefor Co-Founder Pat Dossett speaks with Dr. Ayelet Fishbach, author, professor, and expert on the science of motivation and decision-making. They discuss Dr. Fishbach's groundbreaking research on motivation, the importance of intrinsic motivation, and the 'empathy gap'. Dr. Fishbach also shares her #1 tip for getting things done. Finally, Dr. Fishbach provides actionable steps anyone can take to stay motivated from the start of a goal to its completion.


Dr. Andrew Huberman: Tools for Mental Health and Resilience

Pat sat down with neuroscientist and Madefor’s Lead Advisor, Dr. Andrew Huberman to talk about mental health. Dr. Huberman talked about gauging your individual risk for mental illness, how mental health affects us all every day, and the eight critical habits for mental wellness. Dr. Huberman also talked about how to reset when you’re feeling a little low, stressed, or anxious, and reaching a higher level of living with purpose, mattering, and coherence.


Dr. Everett Worthington: Why Forgiveness Matters and How to Forgive Ourselves and Others

Pat was joined by the world’s leading expert on forgiveness, Dr. Everett Worthington, to deep-dive into the science of forgiveness. Pat and Dr. Worthington discussed types of forgiveness, why it's important for our health, the cost of 'unforgiveness', and how we can learn to forgive others. Dr. Worthington also takes us through the more complex work of forgiving ourselves, and how to use his widely accepted REACH Forgiveness Practice.


Non-Sleep Deep Rest with Rory Cordial (created by Dr. Andrew Huberman)

In this special episode, Rory Cordial guides you through a tool to help you destress and relax: non-sleep deep rest (NSDR). The term NSDR was coined by Dr. Andrew Huberman. Non-Sleep Deep Rest enhances learning and memory, alleviates stress, improves cognitive capacity, and eases the transition to sleep. Use this tool at any time of day or night to rapidly induce a calm state of being.


Pink Spoons: Finding Perspective in An Unlikely Place

In this mini-episode, Pat Dossett recounts a story from Navy SEAL Hell Week (the ultimate test in physical and mental endurance) and the importance of finding humor in challenging situations.


Enjoy these episodes and others with experts such as Daniel Pink, Kelly McGonigal, and Dr. Lisa Feldman-Barrett to learn how you can live your best life yet.


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