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Stop trying to care for your people. Start helping your people care for themselves.

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  • We see you working hard to care for your people—to help them feel better, feel supported and ultimately feel energized to bring their best to work.

    Yet your people continue to struggle with stress, uncertainty, burnout, dissatisfaction at home, isolation and psychological depletion.

    Your solutions aren’t working because their impact isn’t designed to last. A hit-or-miss menu of wellness perks might provide temporary lifts but ultimately result in a diffusion of effort, impact, and ultimately do more harm than good.

  • Madefor is different. No apps, no screens, no devices, no quick fixes, no tricks. A one-time investment in your people that lasts a lifetime.

    We guide our Members through a 10-month program of small positive steps, and help them discover their own unique path towards sustained wellness.

  • Our program is proven to lower stress, build resilience, improve communication, increase motivation, improve sleep, and increase physical and cognitive functioning.

  • We’ve helped organizations like SHRM, Northwestern Mutual, AFAR, Marketing Architects, TOMS and Cox Media Group, and we can help you too.

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