Stop chasing quick fixes.

Start playing the long game.

The Program

Simple, Fun, Effective

    Each Semester comes with 5 month-long Kits. Each Kit contains the analog parts of Madefor, all designed to work together to focus your attention and effort in uniquely rewarding ways.


    Through a combination of analog and digital nudges, Community video sessions and personal notes, we keep you engaged and on track, even when life tries to knock you off course.


    Your private online Community is filled with hundreds of fellow Members, all navigating the same Challenges as you. Lean in, on or out as it’s right for you.


    Madefor is not just about helping you gain better habits. You will cultivate a more resilient mind. It’s this growth mindset that sets you up to achieve more than you ever thought possible.


    The essential science behind each month’s focus is easy to understand, but, most importantly, it’s designed into your Challenge to ensure your effort delivers results.


    Whether you’re reading about their research in your Publication or speaking with them during a Community video session, our Advisors are committed to helping you bring your best to the world.

Madefor Numbers

Growing the good for all.


Members in all 50 states, from all different backgrounds


Over 90% of Members feel good about their Madefor experience

14 80

Our youngest and oldest Members are bringing out their best

Madefor Impact

Members have something to say.

  • I’m loving being a part of this and you all gave me a level of discipline to focus on one thing I can control, so this program means more to me than anything else in this present moment.

    Sy G.

    Sy G.Atlanta, GA

  • People are asking, ‘Why are you so happy all of a sudden?’ They want to know my secret for suddenly being at peace, and I proudly tell them that Madefor has changed my life for the better!

    Lisa A.

    Lisa A.Twinsburg, OH

  • Crazy how something so simple has exposed something much deeper and more complex. I’m beyond appreciative and grateful to you for creating this journey of change!

    Valerie V.

    Valerie V.New Orleans, LA

  • I have good and bad days. But I have choices that I own, and by documenting how I feel about them, I now have data points to reflect upon as I continue my personal journey to be the best me possible.

    Kathryn K.

    Kathryn K.Darien, IL

  • Simple and profound. All the pieces put together really make this habit-forming.

    Josh K.

    Josh K.Jackson, WY

  • This challenge wasn’t easy initially, but I now see the connection between my mind and body getting stronger every day. I feel energetic, guilt-free, and super positive about this journey!

    Ritu A.

    Ritu A.Mt. Prospect, IL

Madefor Support

We make committing easy.

Madefor Difference

Our values are our strength.


    Science backed

    There’s no hype here. We built an effective Program, grounded in science and proven through experience.


    Analog first

    We give you the science, tools, steps and support to reconnect with the power of you. No gadgets required.


    Small steps

    No single step will seem that great. But the steps you take add up, creating powerful and sustainable shifts in you.

The Madefor Movement

A better world begins with the best you.