1 simple tip to manage stress...

1 simple tip to manage stress... | Madefor

During the Madefor Program, we ask Members to take action, intentionally adding positive habits into their lifestyle, and sustaining those habits over time to find real and lasting change.
While there isn’t a quick fix to big change, there are small actions you can take that have a big impact. For example, what if we told you that something as simple as shifting your expectations could be the key to managing stress?
If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, pulled in too many directions, or all of the above, you don’t have to live in this state. Basecamp guest, psychologist, and Madefor Member Natalie Dattilo, recently shared with us how the simple act of adjusting expectations can help manage your stress. (You can see the full clip, here.)

“Some of this is under our control because it’s our perception of things,” she says. 

“Stress lives in the gap, and the gap is the distance between your expectations in reality,” she adds, saying what she does is try to help others close that gap, thus lowering stress.

She adds that we often make this process harder than it should be. Dattilo says it comes down to, “adjusting expectations so they’re more in line with the reality that we’re living, and it’s adjusting the reality so that it’s closer to this ideal version of what you believe it should be, or ought to be, or supposed to be or all of the other invisible rules for living that we have.”
In doing this, she says, it’s good to land somewhere in the middle. “We need to be realistic about what it is that we’re striving for. And then work to make the change at the same time,” she says.
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