Hydration Mini-Challenge: Week 1 of Madefor's Mental Health Month

Hydration Mini-Challenge: Week 1 of Madefor's Mental Health Month | Madefor

All throughout May, Madefor is getting Back to Basics by helping you tune into the foundational human needs that support positive mental health!

We're offering a FREE 28-day Text Challenge designed around four foundational elements of mental health: hydration, movement, nature, and breath. Everyday during the month of May, we're sending participants one small action step, the science behind it, and an occasional reflection prompt. By the end, these consistent steps will help you build positive momentum and feel more in control of your mental wellbeing.

We're kicking off this first week with hydration!


If you've joined us by text, great! If you're unable to or missed a few days of the Text Challenge, that doesn’t mean you’ve missed out for good. We’re updating this page with each of the daily prompts here, so you can get into action at any time that works for you! 


***A quick note before we get started—if you or someone you care about are struggling with a mental health condition, know you’re not alone. You matter, and maybe the most courageous thing you can do today is ask for help. Find professional medical care—there is no substitute.


Madefor Mental Health Challenge - Hydration

Day #1 (May 1): Track How Much Water You Drink


Let's start with the most basic habit of all - hydration! You may be thinking: Just drink water? Too easy. But, you may underestimate the crucial role it plays in the effective functioning of your body and brain. Fatigue, brain fog, headaches, mood swings—this is what most people report when they don’t drink enough water and nearly half of Americans are chronically dehydrated. 


Your Challenge this week is simple: drink water, track how many bottles you drink, & journal about how you feel each day. Grab your favorite water bottle and take a photo of your tally at the end of the day. How many bottles did you drink? Stay tuned for a new text each day about how to use hydration as a gateway to flourishing health. You got this! 


Day #2 (May 2): Journal About Your Experience

Stick with it! If you’re already vigilant about water consumption, you may be tempted to skip this week. But, you’ll be missing a powerful opportunity to teach your brain new tricks. This week is only 50% about hydration...it's an entry point on a larger journey to take back control of your wellbeing. 


If you do the work—track, record, repeat—not only will you discover the # of bottles that make you feel your best, you'll start to understand how a small act you do every day, impacts you. Inevitably, it will create a ripple effect of awareness in other areas of your life. Your challenge today is spend 10 minutes journaling about how you feel after hydrating. What do you notice?
Day #3 (May 3): Tune Into Internal Cues

Struggling to drink more water? Try adding a pinch of salt, squeeze of lemon, or herbal tea bag. Hydrate in whichever ways work best for you. Same goes for all other life challenges - you'll be more successful when you learn to follow your own internal compass vs. external rewards. Yes, ignore those instagram ads promising transformation with a magic pill and trust your intuition.

Your challenge today is to keep an eye out for internal cues of discomfort and how to best serve them. For example, when you feel an unpleasant feeling - like overwhelm, stress, or fatigue - pause, tune in, and identify what YOUR body needs in that moment. It could be a walk, a healthy meal, a quick nap, or none of the above! What did you notice?

Day #4 (May 4): Make Small, Consistent Efforts

Sometimes we feel "stuck" because a challenge we are facing feels too big to tackle (mentally, emotionally, physically, or otherwise). Guess what? Your effort doesn't have to feel hard to be effective - it just needs to be consistent. Instead of pushing the metaphorical rock up the hill - grab a hammer, break it up into smaller pebbles, and carry one at a time to the top. 

The results are the same but you're more likely to stick with the process. How can you break a current challenge you're facing down into smaller steps today? Identify the 1 action step you can take and do it - same as you are doing with hydration this week. It's that simple! Close the loop by journaling about how it felt. You got this!

Day #5 (May 5): Focus on What You Can Control

Focusing on basic things you can control is a powerful way to support your mental health. By completing this challenge, you're signaling to your brain and body that you're a person who is capable of change & prioritizes their wellbeing. You're building a muscle that will help you bounce back when faced with unexpected hurdles. Consistent practice over time can have a big impact! 💪 

Need help staying committed to this process? Research shows that using a visual cue can remind our brains to pay attention! Your challenge today is to identify 1 item that will serve as a reminder of the journey you are on this month and to prioritize your wellbeing each day. We use bracelets at Madefor but pick something that works for you! 

Day #6 (May 6): Prioritize Self-Compassion

Research shows that self-awareness leads to self-compassion which leads to self-care. We hope by now that you've noticed how simply drinking more water could be one of the healthiest changes for better health & cognitive power in your life. Not only that, you've been developing greater interoceptive awareness - an ability to recognize your own body's needs & how to best serve them.

Now, let's turn to self-compassion. Prioritizing self-compassion will make it easier to engage in activities that make you feel good and bring about positive results. While you drink & track your water today - write down 3 things you appreciate about yourself and your effort this week. What were your wins? How did you show up for yourself in a new way? 

Day #7 (May 7): Set An Intention

You did it! So far, you've showed up for yourself and paid attention to the small wins every day. Now is the time to capitalize on your momentum and continue to gather the tools you need to pursue your path to the best you. Having a clear intention to map to your effort is one of the best ways to stay focused on what matters most to you. 

Your challenge today is to drink water (of course!) and commit 15 minutes to set an intention about where you want to be 3 weeks from now. What brought you to the Madefor Challenge? How do you want to show up differently for yourself and others? We can't wait to see where your effort takes you! 



Congratulations! Once you’ve worked through the above list, you’ve completed Week #1 of the Mental Health Challenge. Check out our next blog post for the Week #2 mini-movement Challenge!