Momentum: pick a direction and take a step

Momentum: pick a direction and take a step | Madefor

Science alone isn’t enough. In fact, rarely is a lack of information the underlying reason for a lack of progress. Oftentimes, something more is required to compel action—a story, an inspiration, a perspective that not only directs our attention but that also energizes us to move forward. Madefor Perspectives is a place where we deliver curated, relevant, and purposeful content from our Founders, Advisors, and Community—all designed to inspire you to see things from a different angle and ultimately take the steps that serve you best. This is new territory for us. We hope you enjoy.


Almost 20 years ago, I received a book with an inscription written on the inside, “Our center of gravity is forward.” At the time, I thought it sounded wise and consequential, but admittedly I didn’t fully understand it. Fortunately, I kept this message with me and have only grown to appreciate it more and more each day.


Now the meaning behind the inscription is clear—it's a desire that my convictions inspire my actions and that my actions serve to build my momentum.


It doesn’t matter if you’re considering this as an individual, a team, a company, or even a country, if you have lost your momentum then your center of gravity is no longer forward, and you have lost sight of the pursuit that makes you exceptional. 


Exceptional might seem like too lofty of a word, but it’s the right word. You’re a unique combination of genetics, stress, experiences, decisions, and values—no one alive today has seen the world from your vantage point. Nobody else is you. But if you don’t do anything with the summation of your experience, if you simply blow in the wind and catch whatever comes your way, then it’s all for nothing. It’s only until you decide to take all that is you, point it in a direction, and move, that you become exceptional.  


If this sounds out of reach, it’s not. Recapturing momentum isn’t hard, but it does take effort. Don’t believe me? Try this. Stand flat footed and see how far forward you have to lean before you either fall or are forced to take a step—it’s not far.

What makes you exceptional isn’t the amount of effort you exert or how far you step, it’s simply the direction you choose to move. Pick a direction, take a step, and start building momentum today.