Podcast Best of the Best Recap

Podcast Best of the Best Recap | Madefor
Madefor Co-Founders Blake Mycoskie and Pat Dossett, along with Lead-Scientific Advisor Dr. Andrew Huberman, have been featured on numerous podcasts over the past few years. Here are a few of our many favorites…


Rich Roll Podcast 

Both Blake and Andrew had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Rich Roll on his podcast. Blake discussed breaking his addiction to external validation, the courage to fail, and more, which you can listen to right here.


And Andrew talked about the power we all possess to change our brains and reprogram our perception, irrespective of age. Check it out here. 



The Optimal Performance Guide with Rory Cordial

 “Failure, and set-back, and friction are not reflections of your self-worth, and they’re not even reflections of your ability. When you’re experiencing friction, or you're experiencing challenging circumstances, that feeling... is you getting better." In this episode, Pat demonstrates that he is driven to serve something bigger than himself… that he knows firsthand as a Navy SEAL how a small team can have a profound impact on the world, and he created Madefor to help others achieve their full potential. Listen to Pat on Rory’s podcast here.



The Tim Ferriss Show

Blake shares the inspiration for Madefor in this in-depth conversation with Tim. He says, “...ultimately we’re not just trying to help you understand from a science perspective what you’re made of in a very easy, fun way to engage, but also answer this question, ‘What am I made for?’ I think at some point in all of our lives we ask that question, so we’re creating a very systematic way for you to ultimately get to an answer to that. Check out Blake’s interview on The Tim Ferriss Show here.



Joe Rogan Experience

 “We know that being in a chronic state of stress is bad physically, you don’t want to do that, but you also don’t want to do it for your mind. Anytime you’re stressed, you’re also able to be recruited by other peoples’ stress…” Dr. Andrew Huberman talks about the importance of stress for your immune system, the power of breathwork and meditation, and how your eyeballs are really actually a part of your brain! Who knew that? Amazing stuff! Listen to Andrew on the Joe Rogan Experience here.



The Same 24 Hours

Pat opens up about what makes Madefor special. He says, “This idea that wellness or wellbeing or the state of flourishing, it’s an individual pursuit, and what’s right for you is going to be different than what’s right for me, but what we’ve seen time and time again is that by helping people play the long game and not rush from fad to fad or jump in and out of different practices, but by doing these small steps over time, people navigate to what their unique and right solution is…” Listen here where Pat talks Navy SEALS, mindset, and Madefor.