Press Best of the Best Recap

Press Best of the Best Recap | Madefor

Since launching Madefor publicly in early 2020, several magazines and popular websites have shared our mission and story with their readers, through informative articles, blogs, and gift guides. Here are a few of our favorite mentions!

Magazine Mentions:


Blake Mycoskie Is Flourishing—And You Will Too If You Try His New Wellness Program, Madefor 

“I saw a lot of people who were flourishing, but I wasn’t. The question for me became what is the key to well-being? The genesis of Madefor was in that.” Blake shares about the events that led him to co-founding Madefor and how you can flourish too. Read the article here.

This New Wellness Program Wants to Make Self-Improvement Easy⁠—No, Really.

“The true way to change things is more like a staircase,” he [Dr. Andrew Huberman] says. “You take one step every day or couple of days, and slowly-ish, you arrive at the top.” Learn more about how Madefor Co-founders Blake Mycoskie and Pat Dossett, along with Lead Scientific Advisor Dr. Andrew Huberman, joined forces to create a program that uses science to help people find lasting change. Read the full article here.


A former Navy SEAL and a neuroscientist share 3 secrets for overcoming coronavirus stress

“My circumstances have changed, but the principles I use to navigate them have not. None of us want to be in the situation we are in now, but we can all apply these principles to thrive.” Madefor Co-founder and former Navy SEAL, Pat Dossett, shares insight from his experiences that can help anyone going through a stressful situation. Check out the full article here.



Gift Guides: Check out these mentions in popular Gift Guides!

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