Why our Madefor Members are our heroes

Why our Madefor Members are our heroes | Madefor

Training to become a SEAL is hard,

But, it’s not that hard.

There’s a bell.

It follows you everywhere.

When you don’t want to continue 

you can ring it three times and be done.

There is no bell in real life.

It’s why even the smallest things you do, 

when you are at your end, or well past it,

can be such courageous acts.

We know because we’ve seen it.

In our first year of business

we’ve seen Members, facing hard circumstances,

act courageously.

Fires, pandemics, terminal diagnosis, deaths, disease, job loss, divorce, isolation.  

You name it, our Members have experienced it.

But, they’ve also decided 

to control how they navigate it.

Every day, they show up. 

They commit to bringing out their best,

recognizing that adversity brings opportunity.

In doing so, they’ve also brought out the best in us.

Our team at Madefor isn’t immune to stress.

We are parents, daughters, husbands, wives, sisters, teammates.

We try our best, but sometimes the days knock us down.

Thankfully, the courage our Members bring to their lives 

lifts us up and inspires us to continue to serve this mission.

Together, we’re making the world a better place.

No bells needed.


In my life, courageous acts may look small, but they’re meaningful these days. It’s turning off my phone before I walk into my daughters’ room, it’s starting the day with a bottle of water, it’s pulling away from work to step outside and move for a few minutes. These aren’t big things, but given the stress I’m under, it would be easy to skip them. Committing to these small acts makes all the difference.

Where is courage leading you?