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  • Meet Dr. Andrew Huberman | Madefor
    | Advisor Perspective

    Meet Dr. Andrew Huberman

    You never know what may come from a chance connection, how a weak-tie relationship that seems superficial or inconsequential can actually have profound importance in your journey. Take, for example, Dr. Andrew Huberman, Madefor’s Lead Scientific Advisor. He met Madefor Co-founder, Pat Dossett, through his sister, who is friends with Pat’s wife. Both Andrew’s sister and Pat’s wife thought the men should connect, and as luck would have it, they all randomly ended up at the same place one day.

  • How to make connections through shared experiences | Madefor
    | Founder Perspective

    How to make connections through shared experiences

    I was a boxer in college—not a very good one, but I had a hard head and heavy hands, which meant I could fake my way through most fights. Unfortunately, it also meant that every fight entailed quite a bit of “connection,” namely my head against my opponent’s fists. In fact, I used to joke with Coach Jim that my strategy was to break my opponent’s will by breaking their hands on my head. One fight in particular stands out, an invitational at the New York Athletic Club.