Madefor Founding Story

Madefor Founding Story | Madefor

Co-Founders Blake Mycoskie and Patrick Dossett are passionate about family, teamwork, adventure, and the proven science behind human potential, and together they founded Madefor. And as many similarities as they share, they come from very different worlds.


You may know Blake as the Founder of TOMS and the catalyst behind the One for One business model that has given 86 million pairs of new shoes to children in need, restored vision to 500,000 people, and provided 450,000 weeks of safe drinking water to developing communities.


People magazine featured Blake as one of its “Heroes Among Us,” Fortune recognized him as one of the top 
young businessmen in the world in its “40 Under 40” list, and Harvard honored him with the Next Generation Award for individuals whose commitment to health as a human right inspires young people to make “health for all” a global priority. Most recently, Blake and TOMS launched the “End Gun Violence Together” initiative.


Pat is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, and the Wharton School of Business. After nine years of service in the SEAL Teams, Pat co-founded the Tip of the Spear Foundation, a non-profit serving the special operations community.


Of his time in uniform, he says, “I received far more than I gave and continue to be inspired by those I served alongside.” Pat believes in the power of small steps and is passionate about helping others realize their full potential. He currently lives in Santa Monica, CA with his wife, twin daughters, son, and cat, Kula.


In addition to Pat and Blake, Madefor has a diverse collective of experts, scientists, and clinicians dedicated to helping you achieve greater wellbeing – including Madefor Lead Scientific Advisor, Dr. Andrew Huberman.